"Providing a pupil with an opportunity can be a life changing experience for them. It can raise their aspirations and completely change their outlook. Opportunity is the key to future success for our young people."

These are only a few examples of how we have helped so far and we know that this list will continue to expand. however, this can only happen with your support.


We have purchased school clothing for pupils. A good example being PE kits so that pupils can access their lessons.

sports clubs

After linking up with a local football team, we have provided scholarships for young people to join the team if they cannot afford the yearly signing fee.

school trips

We have paid for pupils to attend school trips that would otherwise be beyond their means. This will help them to extend their education and raise their aspirations.

summer camps

We have paid for pupils to attend summer camps during the summer holidays.

GCSE field trips

We have ensured that pupils have not missed out on GCSE Field Trips due to lack of finances at home.


We have purchased a bicycle for a pupil to reach their off site, alternative education after transport issues became a problem for them.

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examples of how we have helped young people so far......................