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At No Child Without, we believe that no child should miss out on any opportunity within their education due to financial circumstances that are out of their control. We are here to try and aid young people to achieve their potential.

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No Child Without was established in 2013 and aims to provide financial support for young people across Harlow in order to help them access educational and extra-curricular opportunities that may usually be beyond their means. 


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our mission

‘No Child Without’ is a registered charity, established in June 2013, designed to help local, young people from disadvantaged backgrounds by providing them with financial help so that they can access opportunities that would otherwise not be available to them. 

The charity can be used in many various ways to help young people, examples of this being; purchasing equipment, clothing, helping to finance school trips and extra-curricular activities.

‘No Child Without’ has been established to give any young person an opportunity to fulfil their ambitions by giving them a helping hand along the way.  


why help young people?



Providing a young person with an opportunity can make a huge difference to their lives. It can provide them with motivation and inspiration which, in turn, will lead them to having improved aspirations. Should a young person miss out on an opportunity due to circumstance out of there control? The answer should be no.

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No young person should miss out.